Course Description

Naps, Nights & Daytime Accidents is an efficient powerhouse video series that helps troubleshoot beyond the typical advice to "limit hydration before bedtime."

Go through several options of how you can teach your child to hold their pee/poo until they get to a potty, or wake-up.

These suggestions are based on research conducted in Israel, Oklahoma and Utah.

They are great options and give wonderful suggestions of "exercises" that can be done in order to increase bladder size and control.

As always, they are not a replacement for being seen by a physician, but a suplement to aide in the potty training process, often when "completion" has been prolonged.

CEO of The Potty School®

Michelle Swaney

Michelle D. Swaney is the CEO of The Potty School®, a Potty Training Consultant, Speaker, and Teacher of in-person & online classes. Michelle has helped families, daycare professionals, public school district trainings, and special needs development departments around the globe through in-person and online classes, home consultations and via phone/Zoom consultations, into the thousands. She is the author of The Complete Guide to Potty Training Your Child: Expert Solutions for Any Mess, and the creator of, and an admin for, three Support Groups for Potty Training (72K) and Elimination Communication (17K) where she helps over 92,000 motivated families move toward the next step on their family’s pottying journey… ultimately toward potty independence. She has been a speaker at numerous events, including various special needs development centers, Professional Development Classes, multiple public school teacher-trainings, and numerous MOPS groups, Moms of Orange County Club, MommyCon along with other motherhood and parenting events throughout the world. [If you’re interested in booking Michelle Swaney as a speaker for your Professional Development Classes, Live Events and Summits or as a Podcast Guest/Guest Blog Writer, complete the form below and you’ll be contacted by The Potty School’s Media Team within 2-business days with a response:]

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Naps & Nights

  • 2

    Day Time Accidents

    • Day Time Accidents: Sphincter Control

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