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The Potty School®'s Potty Training Video Series helps parents to learn how to potty train their children (ages 15+ months) so that they no longer have to...change poopy diapers, clean-up pee off the floor and are able to confidently leave the house with a potty trained child...all the while increasing communication with their child by responding to their natural pottying signals.

...and who doesn't like getting rid of an ongoing monthly bill for diapers & wipes of $85  - $180/month...

Tired of Poopy Diapers?

You've been changing diapers for years now...years...and well, you're sick of it. But you're stuck not knowing what is the next step for your family. Or, maybe you've tried to potty train and all you ended up with was pee on the carpet and poop behind the couch.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Is the idea of potty training overwhelming to you? Or maybe you've already tried and you're feeling defeated? The Potty School's  Potty Training Online Course provides a step-by-step tutorial that breaks it all down into manageable chunks (1-7 minutes each).

Not sure whom to ask?

You have questions and would like practical answers and suggestions...but all you're coming up with in public forums is either "high five, you're doing great", "I'm in the same boat - I have no idea!" or "you started too early/too late and that's your problem." Ask The Potty School and receive expert, tried and true advice that works...wherever you're at on your pottying journey. You don't have to do this alone...people for generations haven't.

The entire series is developed by The Potty School®'s Potty Training Specialists.

Just Show Me How!

You've heard of, or maybe even read, a million books, but you would really benefit from step-by-step learning by someone explaining to you how to do each step. You don't want people to assume you already know...because you don't. You want someone to come alongside and guide you...and if you already know it, you can just skip ahead.

Founder of The Potty School®

Michelle Swaney

Michelle D. Swaney is the CEO of The Potty School®, a Potty Training Consultant, Speaker, and Teacher of in-person & online classes. Michelle has helped families, daycare professionals, public school district trainings, and special needs development departments around the globe through in-person and online classes, home consultations and via phone/Zoom consultations, into the thousands. She is the author of The Complete Guide to Potty Training Your Child: Expert Solutions for Any Mess, and the creator of, and an admin for, three Support Groups for Potty Training (72K) and Elimination Communication (17K) where she helps over 92,000 motivated families move toward the next step on their family’s pottying journey… ultimately toward potty independence. She has been a speaker at numerous events, including various special needs development centers, Professional Development Classes, multiple public school teacher-trainings, and numerous MOPS groups, Moms of Orange County Club, MommyCon along with other motherhood and parenting events throughout the world. [If you’re interested in booking Michelle Swaney as a speaker for your Professional Development Classes, Live Events and Summits or as a Podcast Guest/Guest Blog Writer, complete the form below and you’ll be contacted by The Potty School’s Media Team within 2-business days with a response, you can send a media message here:]

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 0: Start Here! (Welcome)

  • 2

    Module 1: How Can I (Personally) Prepare for Potty Training?

  • 3

    Module 2: How Can I Prep to Potty Train? (Logistics)

    • Roles: Who Does What?

    • Who Does What Worksheet

    • Clean-Up: Eco vs. Ease-Minded

    • Gear: Pottying Choices

    • Potty: Reviews, Categories & Links

    • What supplies should I actually buy?

    • So...I have all these peed on clothes now...

    • Poop-filled laundry?

    • Cleaning Supplies to buy/own

  • 4

    Module 3: How to Prepare Your Child & Prevent Them From Being Scared

    • Getting Your Kiddo's Hair Wet

    • How should I lead while I'm potty training?

    • How do I teach my child not to be scared of the potty?

    • Taking the Parenting Reins

    • How do I help prevent my child from becoming constipated?

    • For more help with constipation & picky eaters...

    • The Pep Talk to Give Your Kiddo

  • 5

    Module 4: WHEN & HOW TO POTTY TRAIN!

    • Pottying Personality Quiz Link

    • No method to the madness?

    • **about the "stay with them" comment in the "No Method to the Madness" video

    • What are my potty training choices?

    • The Dunk 'Em Method


    • "B" Born Ready

    • "B" Born Ready What Does That Mean?

    • "E" Extrinsic

    • "C" or "A" Eco-Minded or Ease-Minded?

    • "G" Garment Training

    • "G" Garment or Naked - I Need to Go from my Head to my Toes

  • 6

    Module 5: Before You Start

    • Join the free Potty Training Support Group!

    • Coloring Book Sample Coloring Pages

    • A Tour of the Powder Room

    • Pottying Space: In the Bathroom

    • Pottying Space: In the Child's Room

    • Pottying Space: In the Hallway

    • What do you Want in Your Pottying Place?

    • What do you want in your Pottying Space?

  • 7

    Module 6: Time at Home

    • How do you actually potty train?

    • Focused by not Forced

    • Do I really have to stay at home ALLLL day?

    • When to Start Adding "Garments" (Clothes)

    • Feeling Ready to Give Up? Try This Trick!

    • End of the First Day!

    • Add the Next Item - Clothed Time at Home

    • My Kiddo's Role

    • Time at Home As a Parent

  • 8

    Module 7: What do I do with a newly potty trained child when I'm OUT of the house?

    • Getting Out of the House Brainstorm

    • What should I do on short trips out of the house? (5-minutes)

    • When Should I Take My Child to the Potty to Prevent the Most Accidents?

    • How to Take Trips Away from the House...for the FIRST time!

    • Keep On It!

    • You've Had Small Success Away from the House: What Now?

    • Coming Back After Clothed Time Away: What to do

    • How to Run Errands with a Newly Potty Trained Child

  • 9

    Module 8: How can I teach my child to be independent in the bathroom?

    • Bathroom Skills Intro (on own, or alone?)

    • Tips for Drying Hands (Sounds silly, but quite helpful!)

    • 2-year-old explains the pottying process

    • My Child Has a Speech Delay: Can I Potty Train Them (and how?)

  • 10

    Module 9: We're Having Other Problems...Help Please!

    • I'm Running into Problems.. (intro.)

    • Pooping in a chair (or highchair) - Part I

    • Pooping in a chair (or highchair) - Part II

    • What if my child only poops when s/he is eating?

    • A Resource for Night Time Bladder Control Training Methods

    • Why do I have to remind my child all the time?

    • What should I do when my child has an accident?

    • I need MORE help, I have some specific questions!

  • 11

    Module 10: DOWNLOADABLES & Resources

    • The Potty Spray DIY

    • Potty Training Charts

    • Potty Training Coloring Pages (Sample)

    • Potty Training Log


5 star rating


Kaytee Pergentile

I did this course b/c we are almost ready to try potty training with our 19 month old. I am nervous but so excited to get to the point where she is fully pot...

Read More

I did this course b/c we are almost ready to try potty training with our 19 month old. I am nervous but so excited to get to the point where she is fully potty trained. Thanks Michelle!

Read Less

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