Personalized Potty Training Consultation

Personalized Consultation (30-minutes)

a one-on-one private consultation via phone or video chat | taught by Michelle Swaney

Course description

Are you a loving mama who's frustrated because you don't know how to potty train your kiddo?

I can help.

People come to me from around the world to ask potty training advice that is personalized, helpful and leads to success (and it is always confidential).

A personalized consultation is for the mama who desires private, one-on-one, child-specific advice and suggestions.

There's no "one-size-fits-all" method. Personalized consultations take into account your Pottying Personality, parental preferences and family values and offer specific step-by-step suggestions for how you can begin, troubleshoot or finish up your family's pottying journey.

After an in-take questionnaire is completed, we will have the necessary information to talk with you about your specific situation and your child in order to gear their advice to your unique situation.

There is not an extra fee for special needs children.

This introductory consultation is intended to be regarding one child.

Honored to join you on your family's pottying journey,

~ Michelle Swaney

Mama of 3 and CEO of The Potty School

Michelle Swaney
Michelle Swaney
CEO of The Potty School

Michelle Swaney is the CEO of The Potty School, a Potty Training Consultant, Speaker, Teacher of in-person & online classes, and the creator of the Potty Training Support Group where she helps over 1,700 motivated mamas (and some dads), move toward the next step on their family’s pottying journey…ultimately toward potty independence.

Michelle is passionate about helping mamas to embrace their Pottying Personality, through a Meyers-Briggs®-like quiz in order to potty train with a style and method that is most effective, and enjoyable, for their family and specific child…ultimately leading to pottying independence, while making the journey one based on building a bond and connection with their child.

Michelle doesn’t do her job because she loves poop and pee, but she does it because she loves being able to help parents learn to communicate with their children from a young age and loves to reduce children’s dependence upon diapers. Curtailing diaper use has saved her clients an average of $50-$100 per month, while simultaneously reducing their eco-footprint—two great reasons to smile!

Michelle is your go-to gal when it comes to learning how to mind your child’s “pees” and “poos”!

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30-minute Personalized Consultation
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