The Potty School

Michelle Swaney

[UPDATED] Potty Training Video Series

Teaching parents to potty train their children (ages 18+ months) with confidence so they no longer need to depend upon diapers, and will have a potty trained child.

Michelle Swaney

30-minute Personalized Consultation (Phone, or Video Chat)

One-on-one consultations with The Potty School's founder, Michelle Swaney. Private conversations to expedite and walk through the potty training process.

Michelle Swaney
$120.00 / month

The Potty School - The Member Club + Weekly 30-min. Group Consults

A monthly subscription to weekly LIVE Q&A sessions! Let us be your "potty training secret weapon" and get all your questions answered! Learn more below!

Michelle Swaney

5-Day Potty Training Plan Challenge

The Potty School's 5-day kickstart to create a personalized DIY plan for your potty training journey. Includes the full challenge!

Michelle Swaney

Naps, Nights & Daytime Accidents

In this efficient, powerhouse series we dive into some researched methods that have proven successful, beyond just "limit hydration before bed time." Includes some exercises you can practice at home with your child.

Jennifer Zils

The Veggie Bundle

Learn about how to get veggies not only on to your kids' plates, but into their mouths...and in their bellies too! Jennifer Zils of Kids Eat Vegetables