Naps, Nights & Daytime Accidents

Naps, Nights & Daytime Accidents

taught by Michelle Swaney

Course description

Naps, Nights & Daytime Accidents is an efficient powerhouse video series that helps troubleshoot beyond the typical advice to "limit hydration before bedtime."

Go through several options of how you can teach your child to hold their pee/poo until they get to a potty, or wake-up.

These suggestions are based on research conducted in Israel, Oklahoma and Utah.

They are great options and give wonderful suggestions of "exercises" that can be done in order to increase bladder size and control.

As always, they are not a replacement for being seen by a physician, but a suplement to aide in the potty training process, often when "completion" has been prolonged.

Michelle Swaney
Michelle Swaney
Founder of The Potty School

Michelle enjoys spending her days with her three children (ages 4, 2, and mobile baby) and has two successfully potty trained children and she's practicing the method called "Elimination Communication" (EC) with the baby.

Having first learned about Elimination Communication while living in Nicaragua, Michelle has since become more educated about how to bridge the gap of efficiency and gentleness by providing a "choose your own adventure" kind of potty training program. She knows that not every child is the same and you can't cram them into one particular method.

So...she won't be offended if you don't agree with all her suggestions, they are meant to pick and choose from as fits your family! She has completed a potty training certification program and has learned by not only potty training her own children, and other children in her home through a volunteer hosting program, but also by personally helping hundreds of families on their pottying journeys!

From classes, to personalized consultations she enjoys getting to educate, encourage and help families turn the dread term "potty training" into small step-by-step, attainable action items - that can even be fun to achieve!

Michelle doesn't do her job because she loves poop and pee, but she does it because she loves being able to help parents learn to communicate with their children from a young age and loves to reduce children’s dependence upon diapers. Curtailing diaper use early has saved her clients an average of $50 per month, (most clients' children are out of diapers 6-10 months earlier than the current US potty training completion averages!), while simultaneously reducing their eco-footprint—two great reasons to smile!

Michelle is your go-to gal when it comes to learning how to mind your child’s “pees” and “poos”!

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If you're interested in booking Michelle for an upcoming event, she can be contacted via and will be booking a limited amount of engagements.