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Parents with Children 15+ months | taught by Michelle Swaney

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The Potty School's Potty Training Video Series helps parents to learn how to potty train their children (ages 15+ months) so that they no longer have to...change poopy diapers, clean-up pee off the floor and are able to confidently leave the house with a potty trained child...all the while increasing communication with their child by responding to their natural pottying signals.

...and who doesn't like getting rid of an ongoing monthly bill for diapers and wipes of $50-$100/month...

Tired of Poopy Diapers?

You've been changing diapers for years now...years...and well, you're sick of it. But you're stuck not knowing what is the next step for your family. Or, maybe you've tried to potty train and all you ended up with was pee on the carpet and poop behind the couch.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Is the idea of potty training overwhelming to you? Or maybe you've already tried and you're feeling defeated? The Potty School's  Potty Training Online Course provides a step-by-step tutorial that breaks it all down into manageable chunks (1-7 minutes each).

Not sure whom to ask?

You have questions and would like practical answers and suggestions...but all you're coming up with in public forums is either "high five, you're doing great", "I'm in the same boat - I have no idea!" or "you started too early/too late and that's your problem." Ask The Potty School and receive expert, tried and true advice that works...wherever you're at on your pottying journey. You don't have to do this alone...people for generations haven't.

Just Show Me How!

You've heard of, or maybe even read, a million books, but you would really benefit from step-by-step learning by someone explaining to you how to do each step. You don't want people to assume you already know...because you don't. You want someone to come alongside and guide you...and if you already know it, you can just skip ahead.

Michelle Swaney
Michelle Swaney
Founder of The Potty School

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